Here's where you start.
Where will you go?

Each number in the Enneagram represents what you are, opening paths to unique opportunities in front of you. We provide ourselves on creating multiple programs levels to meet you where you are at, whether you’re an Enneagram veteran or completely new.

Level I

Path to Identifying

In this first step, we take the time to identify your type. The number of sessions this will take is dependent on your level of self-awareness and prior knowledge of the Enneagram. Once you’ve landed on your number, we move you up to the next level of coaching.

Level II

Path to Understanding

This second step takes place over 5 sessions where we take a deep dive into your specific number. Here, we come to understand your defense mechanisms, childhood messages, and the healthier side of your number.

Sessions can be billed per session or in a bundle at a 20% discount.

Level III

Path to Transforming

In this third step, we continue toward accelerated growth and achieving goals looking at how to break free of old patterns that cause you to get stuck and develop a deeper understanding of your inner world.

Sessions can be billed per session or in a bundle at a 20% discount.

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